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WAVE OnCloud

Nothing Is Faster Than Push-To-Talk

In a mobile world, teams require instant communication that goes beyond the job site, lobby or office. At the same time, more and more employees are using smartphones and other mobile devices for important everyday work. WAVE OnCloud is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) service that connects phones, computers and radios together — all while making the most of your existing resources, systems and investments. Because it lives in the cloud, WAVE OnCloud is inherently cost-effective.

The service is easy to use and there are no servers to buy, install or maintain. Simply pay a monthly subscription fee, download the app and start communicating instantly with PTT, text and mapping. As a subscription-based service, you can start up or wind down easily and without capital expenses. Provisioning is fast and easy, making it straightforward to add or remove users as your business needs change. It’s that simple.

Instant Team Communications

WAVE OnCloud is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication service that connects phones, computers and radios together easily and affordably so your enterprise teams can communicate instantly – improving business operations and elevating service.

Compatible With Android™ And Apple® Devices

Since the WAVE OnCloud is a software service that resides in the cloud, you simply set up an account online, download the app from your phone’s app store and start communicating. The service is compatible with standard mobile phones.

Your Devices On Your Wireless Carrier

Your workers can use the devices they already own: smartphones, tablets, radios or PCs. The WAVE OnCloud service is also carrier agnostic, so there is no need to switch devices or networks. It works on public or private 3G/4G cellular or Wi-Fi™ network with Internet access, which means you’re not locked into a single provider.

Connect MOTOTRBO™ To The Cloud Service

Add a small gateway to your MOTOTRBO system and enable seamless communications between broadband devices and two-way radios. Securely communicate among talkgroups, initiating group calls, individual calls and text messages.

Feature Rich Service All From One App

Enable instant and secure communications with smart device, two-way radio or computer. Extend your workforce communication to anywhere you have mobile broadband access on your existing devices with your existing broadband service provider.

  • Private/Group Voice Calls
    Instant PTT to talkgroups and individuals over broadband – 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi
  • Private/Group Text
    Send and receive text messages from team members
  • Call History
    Review past calls and texts made for workflow management
  • Presence Indicator for Contacts
    See which team members are online
  • Real-Time Location Mapping
    Identify the location of individuals to coordinate operation
  • Secure Communications
    End-to-end encryption keeps your communication secure

WAVE Client Applications

Whatever the device or available network, WAVE has client applications that meet the needs of all types of users.

WAVE™ Mobile Communicator

Turn your Android or iOS smart device into a multi-channel PTT handset with the WAVE Mobile Communicator.

AVE™ Web Communicator

With a web browser, users can login anywhere and communicate with their team members and co-workers.

Learn more about WAVE Applications

Service Plans

Broadband Only Service

Connect to the WAVE OnCloud service using mobile phones, tablets and laptops from anywhere with public broadband service. Keep your team connected wherever they call their office.

MOTOTRBO and Broadband Service

Unify communications across radio and broadband users and eliminate communication barriers between the traditional office space and the commercial and industrial areas.

To learn more about WAVE OnCloud and get started with a free trial, please contact us.

WAVE OnCloud Downloads

Data Sheets

WAVE OnCloud Product Brochure
Instantly connect broadband users with MOTOTRBO radio users with the affordable WAVE OnCloud PTT service.

WAVE OnCloud Data Sheet
Extend push-to-talk (PTT) communication by enabling Android and Apple iOS devices to instantly communicate with two-way radio and other broadband users.

WAVE Web Communicator Data Sheet
The WAVE Web Communicator enables push-to-talk capabilities on any device via web browser.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Data Sheet
The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends push-to-talk communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communication systems over broadband networks.

WAVE Mobile Communicator FAQ
This FAQ highlights new aspects and how to use key features of the new WAVE Mobile Communicator.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Fact Sheet
A one-page overview of the WAVE Mobile Communicator and the new features included in the latest release.

White Papers & Industry Resources

Top Six Priorities for Unified Communications
The 2016 Motorola Commercial Survey offers revealing insights into unified communication trends in a variety of industries across the U.S. and Canada. These ranged from manufacturing to utilities to K-12 education.


WAVE Work Group Communications for Commercial Markets

Video demonstrating the benefits of using WAVE Work Group Communications from Motorola Solutions to connect people across multiple enterprise communications systems for increased collaboration and productivity.


WAVE OnCloud Securely Connects Mobile Employees

Keep your mobile employees connected wherever they call work with WAVE OnCloud push-to-talk service. See how WAVE OnCloud from Motorola Solutions makes sense for your business.

Connect with Any Device Anywhere with WAVE Mobile Communicator

Transform any smartphone into a secure, multi-channel push-to-talk device with the WAVE Mobile Communicator to extend your communications and enable better collaboration among teams.

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