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WAVE Communicator Application Suite

WAVE Mobile Communicator
PTT on the Go

WAVE Desktop Communicator
Communication Console

WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator
Feature-rich Communication Console

WAVE Web Communicator
PTT on the Web

WAVE™ Mobile Communicator

Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Multi-Channel PTT Handset

Not everyone needs or wants to carry a radio handset. But they do want instant, secure access to important, often mission-critical communications wherever they are located. With a WAVE Mobile Communicator installed on a smartphone, tablet or custom handheld, any user can access PTT communications and collaborate with groups or other users as required. Mapping, presence and channel activity monitoring improve situational awareness for everyone. Install WAVE Mobile Communicator on Android or iOS mobile phones and augment with remote speaker microphones and other accessories to create a radio-like user experience.

Supported Devices

  • Android phones & tablets
  • Apple iOS phones & tablets
  • Specialty phones with dedicated PTT buttons
  • Bluetooth PTT radio speaker microphones (RSM), buttons and headsets
  • 3.5 mm PTT RSMs, accessories and headsets


  • Group and private call
  • Group and private text
  • Voice and data encryption
  • Device authorization
  • Presence status
  • Location sharing and mapping


WAVE™ Web Communicator

PTT On The Web: Monitor. Transmit. Receive.

Use A Web Browser To Access Your Wave Communications Channels

You’re a computer-based worker who would like to stay connected to your team from anywhere. WAVE Web Communicator provides device agnostic communications from your web browser. Simply log in for instant access to your groups and contacts and start communicating via PTT or text. See communication history and the location of other team members.

Group And Private Calls

Monitor a number of talkgroups and talk on any as needed. Use private calls for direct communications with members of your organization. Crisp, clear audio ensures your most important communications are heard.


Text messaging provides a supplement for additional intelligence.


Google Maps integration provides the exact location of talkgroup members for better team awareness. Call or message members directly from the map for fast private communications.


See other user’s availability with simple color-coded presence information.


View a historical feed of call and text activity across all of your talkgroups.

Talk Across Networks

Whether broadband-only or a radio-interoperable talkgroup, users can communicate on any talkgroup they’re assigned permissions to.


TLS encryption between the client and the proxy server ensures your private communications stay just that. All WAVE channels can be configured for AES 128 or 256 encryption.


WAVE™ Desktop Communicator

Access PTT Communications From Your Desktop PC

You’re not a mobile worker in the field responding to events and service calls, but you’re there to provide support from headquarters, a communications center or a remote location. Let’s turn your desktop PC into a PTT communications hub. WAVE Desktop Communicator is a software application that allows workers to use their desktop or laptop PC to monitor, transmit and receive audio from multiple communication systems such as two-way radio networks and telephones. With an intuitive and easy-to-use display, the Desktop Communicator runs on virtually any PC, from multiprocessor desktop machines to netbooks.

Portable Communication

Quickly setup and tear down tactical communication stations anywhere with a network connection. Desktop Communicator runs on standard PC hardware with no specialized or proprietary equipment needed. Just connect to a network, wired or wireless, and manage 100 channels of secure, encrypted audio.

Intuitive And Flexible

Desktop Communicator can be run in a variety of user-defined modes. Flyout panels offer Presence, History and Softphone interfaces that can be exposed or hidden when needed. Each of the panels can be detached and pinned anywhere on the user’s screen. The entire Ribbon Control can be hidden to maximize the amount of screen used for channel activity, and the entire channel area can be managed with a zoom control to make channels as large or small as desired. Status bar pop ups provide a visual indication of activity.

Customizable Layouts

Each user can customize and save the layout that works best for them. Upon the next login, Desktop Communicator will open the same way as it was closed – regardless of the machine being used.


WAVE™ Advanced Desktop Communicator

Feature-Rich Communication Console

Designed for small to mid-sized organizations, the WAVE Advanced Desktop Communicator is an enterprise-grade communication console. Advanced Desktop Communicator gives operators the ability to display and manage hundreds of communications channels that make up a complex and fluid communications environment. Multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communications systems can be quickly patched together. Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay provide a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes.

Advanced Desktop Communicator runs on an industry-standard desktop or laptop computer with a microphone equipped headset. There is no specialized hardware required other than a Windows-based PC, and it can be used anywhere there is a network connection.


Communicate directly with and tie together disparate radio systems. Integrated via WAVE 5000, Advanced Desktop Communicator helps you to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with others on mobile phones, laptops, two-way radios and telephony both inside and outside your organizations.

Secure Communications

You can trust that your voice and data communication are safe. Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol provides data integrity between Advanced Desktop Communicator and WAVE servers while encryption protects voice and data traffic on secured groups. User authentication through Common Access Card (CAC) ensures only authorized personnel can access WAVE communications.

Ideal For Disaster Recovery

Whether at an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or a Mobile Command, all you need is a standard laptop and an IP connection to quickly deploy Advanced Desktop Communicator in response to a disaster or other large-scale event. And when your everyday dispatch operations center needs a backup, Advanced Desktop Communicator can quickly step in to fill the need until you are back to normal operations.

User Customized Layout

The Advanced Desktop Communicator can be tailored to each individual operator’s needs. Multiple radio channels, telephone calls and other communications systems can be patched together with just a few clicks of a mouse. Activity displays, audio recording and instant replay give operators a complete session history for archiving and audit trail purposes.

Key User Features

  • Group and Private Calls
  • Group and Private Text
  • Telephony
  • Simul-Select
  • PTT ID/Alias
  • Presence Status
  • History
  • Instant Recall Recorder (IRR)
  • Volume Control by Channel

LMR Audio Patch Capabilities

  • Radio wireline resource to donor radio resource (eg. ASTRO 25 trunked talkgroup to conventional radio channel)
  • Radio wireline resource to radio wireline resources (eg. MOTOTRBO talkgroup to ASTRO 25 talkgroup)
  • Donor radio to donor radio resource (eg. Conventional radio channel to other vendor radio channel)


WAVE Applications Downloads

Data Sheets

WAVE Web Communicator Data Sheet
The WAVE Web Communicator enables push-to-talk capabilities on any device via web browser.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Data Sheet
The WAVE Mobile Communicator extends push-to-talk communications by enabling smartphones and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communication systems over broadband networks.

WAVE Mobile Communicator FAQ
This FAQ highlights new aspects and how to use key features of the new WAVE Mobile Communicator.

WAVE Mobile Communicator Fact Sheet
A one-page overview of the WAVE Mobile Communicator and the new features included in the latest release.


Connect with Any Device Anywhere with WAVE Mobile Communicator

Transform any smartphone into a secure, multi-channel push-to-talk device with the WAVE Mobile Communicator to extend your communications and enable better collaboration among teams.

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