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Motorola XPR 3300e



Limited Time Offer

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MOTOTRBO Radio Trade-In Offer

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Limited Time Offer

The Power of Now Promotion:
MOTOTRBO Radio Trade-In Offer

Rebate: $30 USD

*Per qualifying radio
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A Perfect Balance For The Everyday Worker Who Needs Effective Communications

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, you’re better connected, safer and more efficient. XPR 3000e Series radios connect you more efficiently and effectively wherever you work. Now you can tap into the right balance of features and functionality in a next-generation portable that’s very affordable. With integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity, amped-up audio, double the energy efficiency, a watertight body and intuitive accessories, the XPR 3000e Series is your productivity-boosting business tool.

The MOTOTRBO XPR 3000e Series is a family of DMR-standard digital radios that delivers operations-critical voice communications. Bluetooth® audio lets you talk without wires and integrated Wi-Fi® enables remote software updates, giving you complete control of your radio fleet. With support for basic trunking as well as legacy analog technology, you can keep your organization connected as it grows.

The XPR 3000e Series is designed to enhanced safety in your organization, with the rapid response capability of instant push-to-talk communications. Even if a worker is unresponsive, you can remotely activate the radio to check status ensuring your worker is safe. Privacy options are available to protect your communications, and radios can be remotely disabled if they are misplaced. New HazLoc models are available for use in areas where flammable or explosive materials are present.

With new noise cancellation technology and improved clarity, the XPR 3000e Series delivers excellent audio quality to make your workplace communications clearly intelligible. The latest energy technology delivers up to 28.5 hours of battery life for 3-shift working, and the optional IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management tool helps you maximize battery lifetime. An improved receiver boosts range by up to 8%, allowing you to reach further than ever.

Next-Generation XPR 3300e Series:

Safety & Security

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Transmit Interrupt


  • SINC+Noise Cancellation
  • Mute Mode
  • Rx Audio Leveling

Efficiency & Productivity

  • Enhanced GPS
  • High-Efficiency Low Voltage Battery for Up to 28.5 Hours Battery Life
  • Louder, Virtually Distortion-Free Audio for Super-Clear Communication


  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Ideal for Downloading New Software Remotely
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Bluetooth Data
  • Improved Expandability

More Effective

  • IP67 Rating for Better Resistance to Water and Dust
  • Better Range (Up to 8%)
  • Innovative New Accessories
  • Hazloc Models Available



Motorola XPR 3300e Series Features

  • Analog and Digital Interoperability:
    Operates in both analog and digital modes. Features such as the dynamic mixed mode repeater streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls – meaning you only need one repeater to operate both modes.
  • Exceptional Design:
    The XPR 3000e Series offers a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable for users to carry during long work shifts. Controls are designed to optimize ease of use, including an innovative new connector design that allows accessories to be securely attached and detached in seconds, without the use of any tools. The radio is also rugged and durable, and is rated IP67 for dust and water protection.
  • Industry-leading Audio:
    When it comes to exceptional audio clarity, the quality of digital can’t be denied. XPR 3000e Series portables deliver digital quality throughout your coverage area plus unique features to help your employees hear and speak clearly, wherever they work. With Intelligent Audio, the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise so workers don’t have to adjust their radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud situations or disturbing others when they move into quiet places.

Systems Supported

Motorola XPR 3300e Models

Wi-Fi Capable Models

Motorola XPR 3300e
AAH02JDC9VA1AN 136-174 MHz, 5 Watts, 16 Channels, WI-Fi Capable
AAH02RDC9VA1AN 403-512 MHz, 4 Watts, 16 Channels, WI-Fi Capable

All Motorola XPR 3300e models include:

  • Li-ion 1650mAh Battery IP68 with Belt Clip
  • IMPRES™ Single‐Unit Charger
  • UHF or VHF Antenna
  • Accessory Dust Cover
  • Two Year Warranty

Motorola XPR 3300e Series Accessories

MOTOTRBO radios are already best in class, but to help you work at your best, you need enhancements targeted to your specific workplace. Motorola has developed a line of accessories with unique features designed to optimize the performance of your radio in your work environment, unleashing the full power of the industry’s most advanced digital radio platform. As you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine Motorola’s best-in-class radios with accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

Together, you’ll rethink what’s an accessory – and what’s a necessity.

That’s why it’s important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your MOTOTRBO radios. They’re the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

View the Motorola Original Accessories for the Motorola XPR 3000e Series

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