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Motorola XPR 2500 Series


Digital, Now Within Reach

The power of digital communications is now within reach. MOTOTRBO XPR 2000 Series mobile radios are compact and capable so workers can stay connected, whether they are picking up cargo or transporting passengers. As part of the MOTOTRBO family of radios, the XPR 2000 Series delivers the best in digital radio technology, with features like integrated voice systems capability, twice the calling capacity, and clearer voice communications. With its Intelligent Audio feature, drivers don’t need to adjust their radio volume to avoid missing a call, as the radio monitors background noise and automatically adjusts itself.

For those operating on analog, the XPR 2000 Series lets you upgrade to digital at your own pace and budget, with simple scalability to add functions and features. This radio is also compatible with MOTOTRBO business-essential features, such as transmit-interrupt to prioritize critical communication.

For affordable digital voice systems capability, the MOTOTRBO XPR 2000 Series gets the job done with clarity and ease.

Safety & Security

  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Transmit Interrupt

Motorola XPR 2500 Features

  • Transmit Interrupt Capability:
    Enables a user to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.
  • Compatible with Radio Management Suite:
    Program your radios quickly and efficiently, with the Radio Management tool. Radios can be programmed in batches to a standardized template, giving error-free results and optimized performance.
  • Over the Air Programming (OTAP):
    Manages, writes and reads up to 5,000 radio configurations over the air.
  • Intelligent Audio:
    Radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise so workers don’t have to adjust their radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud situations or disturbing others when they move into quiet places.
  • Enhanced Privacy:
    Built-in scrambling for increased security.
  • IMPRES Audio:
    Whether it’s a whisper during a covert operation in a dark alley or commanding a noisy fire scene, IMPRES audio accessories are loud, clear and intelligible in both analog and digital modes.
  • Systems Capability:
    Experience the far-reaching coverage of MOTOTRBO. IP Site Connect uses the Internet to extend coverage to create a wide-area network, while Capacity Plus single-site trunking expands capacity to over 1000 users without adding new frequencies.
  • IP54 Rated:
    Protects your radio from dust and spills.

Systems Supported

Motorola XPR 2500 Models

AAM02JNH9JA1AN 136-174, 1-25 Watts, 128 Channels
AAM02JQH9JA1AN 136-174, 25-45 Watts, 128 Channels
AAM02QNH9JA1AN 403-470, 1-25 Watts, 128 Channels
AAM02QPH9JA1AN 403-470, 25-40 Watts, 128 Channels

All Motorola XPR 2500 models include:

  • Compact Microphone
  • Low Profile Bracket
  • 10 ft Power Cable
  • Two-Year Warranty

Motorola XPR 2500 Accessories

MOTOTRBO radios are already best in class, but to help you work at your best, you need enhancements targeted to your specific workplace. Motorola has developed a line of accessories with unique features designed to optimize the performance of your radio in your work environment, unleashing the full power of the industry’s most advanced digital radio platform. As you walk from the production line, across hotel grounds, or to the store stockroom, you can work more easily and efficiently wearing a comfortable, convenient accessory. Combine Motorola’s best-in-class radios with accessories to achieve even greater productivity and cost-savings.

Together, you’ll rethink what’s an accessory – and what’s a necessity.

That’s why it’s important to use Motorola tested and certified accessories with your MOTOTRBO radios. They’re the only ones designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance.

View the Motorola Original Accessories for the Motorola XPR 2500 Series

Motorola Team Communications For High-Performing Organizations

How do you make communicating as easy as if your team was standing next to each other?

Teams are more dispersed than ever. The variety of users and user equipment in the workplace continues to multiply. Businesses want a way to make communication easier and faster, while leveraging the resources they already have in place. Whether you’re in the office, on site, or at a conference hundreds of miles away, with Motorola’s Team Communications solution your team is always just a “push” away.

Click here to learn more about Motorola Team Communications

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