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An Interesting Question On An EMT Exam

My son is in his first year of college and is doing EMT training. This question came up in one of his exams.

A mobile two-way radio:

a. Is typically a portable, handheld device
b. Is typically mounted in an emergency vehicle
c. Is a device that blocks out radio transmissions not intended for that unit
d. Is a radio at a hospital or mountain top with superior transmission and receiving capabilities

My son, who is not involved in two-way at all was going to go with option A. The answer is B. We hear the words mobile, mobility, mobile phone everywhere these days. You think of mobile as something that you stick in your pocket and carry with you. No so with a mobile two-way radio. They are big and heavy and are fixed in the dashboard or a truck or ambulance.

I guess it is becoming a generational thing. Anyone under 30 would not associate a mobile radio with being a fixed radio in a vehicle. It does not sound very mobile.

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