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Where Cell Phones Fall Short
Digital Radios Keep You Going

Have Cell Phones Displaced Two-way Radios?

As cell phones become smarter, cheaper and more easily available, businesses are trying to use them for business-critical communications. Cell phones are a wonderful technology; truthfully we can’t live without them. Should they be thought of as the main communications tool for your business?

Many businesses are disappointed.

Digital two-way radios from Motorola Solutions provide the answers to your business communication problems.


The Pros of Digital Two-way Radio Reliability

  • Wide coverage
  • High capacity, unaffected by public demand
  • Engineered for reliability
  • Can be expanded, upgraded, improved

Our conclusion: Two-way radios offer unwavering reliability.

The Cons of Cell Phone Reliability

  • Gaps in coverage
  • Unpredictable access, especially at rush hour
  • Unavailable during emergencies when cell towers overload
  • A network that cannot be controlled

Our conclusion: Cell phones can be unpredictable and uncontrolled.


The Pros of Digital Two-way Radio Durability

  • Withstands vibrations, shocks, heat
  • Sealed against water, dust, humidity
  • Tested against drops and tumbles
  • Comes with Motorola’s warranty and repair service

Our conclusion: Two-way radios are tough, rugged and a good investment.

The Cons of Cell Phone Durability

  • Fragile, breakable
  • Sensitive to dust and moisture
  • Consumer-grade hardware
  • Limited warranty

Our conclusion: Cell phones are expensive and fragile.

Battery Life

The Pros of Digital Two-way Radio Battery Life

  • Battery lasts a full work day
  • Easily changeable
  • Tough, withstands extreme temperatures
  • Advanced battery monitoring

Our conclusion: Two-way radios have the power to get the job done.

The Cons of Cell Phone Battery Life

  • Batteries not designed for continuous use
  • Battery non-removable or difficult to swap
  • Fragile, consumer-grade quality
  • No indication of battery’s age or condition

Our conclusion: Cell phones are just not up to the task.

Audio Comparison

The Pros of Digital Two-way Radio Audio

  • High-volume audio
  • Industrial noise cancellation
  • Rugged accessories for improved audio
  • Feedback suppression, intelligent audio

Our conclusion: Two-way radios offer clear communications

The Cons of Cell Phone Audio

  • Limited speaker volume
  • Limited cancellation of background noise
  • Typically fragile earpieces
  • No advanced features

Our conclusion: With cell phones it can be difficult to hear and be heard.


The Pros of Digital Two-way Radio Security

  • Private, closed system
  • Private frequencies
  • Privacy and encryption options
  • Controlled access to software

Our conclusion: Two-way radios offer closed and secure systems.

The Cons of Cell Phone Security

  • Public system
  • Public frequencies
  • Unknown encryption
  • User-downloadable apps, viruses, malware

Our conclusion: Cell phones and cell phone networks are open and vunlnerable to attack.


Cell phones are not suitable for your business-critical work environment. They are unreliable, higher in cost, and do not give you the safety features you need to protect your workforce. Digital radios represent the best investment. We believe that MOTOTRBO™ digital radios offer you a wide portfolio of solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us today to discuss your communication needs.

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