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Call24 Wireless began in 1953 when Nick Reisenweaver, the chief engineer at WSJS television in Winston-Salem, N.C., began a sideline two-way radio business. The booming post-WWII economy helped Reisenweaver successfully grow his organization, as he met the dispatch communication needs of taxis, oil coal trucks and other mobile businesses. Now focusing solely on wireless communications, Call24 Wireless delivers solutions built on RCS’s decades of design experience, installation expertise and responsive service.

The portfolio includes:

CALL24 Wireless TRBO Call Box

Key Benefits

  • Call24 TRBO provides a quick and easy way to upgrade existing and new Call24 Mk-1 and Mk-III call boxes to digital radio.
  • Instant reporting of alarms and security issues to on- or off-site personnel using existing radio infrastructure.
  • Mobile or dispatch monitoring and control.
  • Allows enhanced functionality to Motorola’s Digital Radios by allowing DTMF control through the radio channel.
  • Long-range operation.
  • No monthly recurring fees.
  • No trenching or boring of communication lines.
  • Easily relocated.

Key Features

  • Interfaces: XPR or APX series.
  • Quick 2 Second Alerting, Quick Two-Way Communications.
  • Conventional Digital, IPSC, Capacity Plus, Connect Plus.


System Requirements And Types

Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus & Capacity Max.


Mining, Oil & Gas, National Government Security, Public Services (non Public Safety Government) Transportation & Logistics, Utilities.

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