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MOTOTRBO Manufacturing Case Study

MOTOTRBO – Keep Up With the Market and Keep Costs Down

Motorola Solutions released this fantastic case study about lowering your manufacturing costs after installing a MOTOTRBO digital radio system.

You’re on a challenging pace in manufacturing. With stiffer competition, tighter schedules, longer shifts and heightened emphasis on safety, today’s marketplace call for even greater efficiency and productivity to maintain an advantage, globally and locally.

In order to keep up and keep ahead, your workers need reliable, easy-to-use communications so you can increase their efficiency and productivity, improve plant safety, support long work shifts and rapidly respond to incidents, wherever they happen.

“With IP Site Connect and MOTOTRBO, there’s now solid and consistent communication between the dispatcher, mechanics and product personnel. With this new system, we can work much more efficiently, which translates into much higher profitability.” J.R. Vazquez, Dispatcher Georgia Nut Company, Illinois

The Challenge:

Whether you run a global network of warehouses or a collection of local plants, reliable communications throughout your entire footprint is vital for successful operations. Your workers need to connect clearly and without interruption – no matter where they are located or how loud their environment is.

Manufacturers need to:

  • Unsure messages are received and understood by personnel
  • Connect workers without interruptions or distractions
  • Improve safety and task efficiency
  • Speed response to changing plant conditions or incidents

The Solution

Our professional digital communication systems combine the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers enhanced features that are easy to use and delivers twice the capacity of analog systems to meet your growing communication needs. With exceptional voice quality and longer battery life, MOTOTRBO keeps your workforce connected when communication is a must.

Our new MOTOTRBO SL Series, XPR 7000e and XPR 3000e Series radios offer a smart new feature in digital mode – Intelligent Audio – that adjusts radio volume to fit an environment’s noise level. This means that the radio automatically boosts the volume level when the supervisor is on the factory floor, then automatically reduces the volume when he moves into a quiet office area.

Empower Your Employees With The Power Of Digital Technology

Whether your employees are working the line or walking the factory floor, with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios and accessories you can communicate clearly and conveniently. If an emergency or accident happens, you can locate the closest personnel and dispatch them for immediate response. And if you want to determine if deliveries are on time and sent to the correct locations, you can coordinate your fleet with exceptional productivity and proficiency.

Facilities Managers Can Expect Better Productivity And Better Results

Communicate Clearly With Exceptional Audio

Using the latest digital technology, MOTOTRBO provides clearer and crisper voice communications over a wider area than analog radios could ever do. Unlike analog, signal strength doesn’t drop off with distance or cause distracting static. MOTOTRBO digital radios deliver both voice and data with greater accuracy and virtually no loss throughout the coverage area. The result is clear communications with your workers no matter where they are in the plant.

Prioritize Communication Immediately

Emergencies do happen and you need to communicate with your workers when they do. MOTOTRBO’s transmit interrupt suite – with voice interrupt, emergency voice interrupt and data over voice interrupt – enables you to prioritize critical communication the moment you need it.

Track Supplies and Deliveries Even More Efficiently.

Quickly locating inbound supplies and outbound deliveries is vital to smooth operations. With MOTOTRBO’s integrated GPS module, you can view where inbound materials are and determine expected arrival times to prepare your receiving department. And you can view outbound locations to ensure deliveries are on time and sent to the correct locations – all while coordinating your fleet with exceptional productivity and proficiency.

Extend Coverage And Expand Capacity

Direct Mode / Conventional

A conventional system is a step up from basic radio-to-radio communications. Radios communicate via a high-power repeater, giving better coverage and more centralized control.

IP Site Connect

Use your IP network to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO by linking repeaters together. You can create a continuous network that covers employees at 15 geographically-dispersed locations. You can also link up to 15 repeaters to create wide area coverage or enhance coverage quality at a single site.

Capacity Plus

Expand the capacity and extend the coverage of MOTOTRBO with this entry-level digital trunking system. With multi-site Capacity Plus (formerly Linked Capacity Plus) you can connect up to 15 sites, each with up to 8 voice and data repeaters – plus up to 12 dedicated data repeaters.

Capacity Max

The next generation of trunking has arrived. MOTOTRBO Capacity Max blends innovation with Motorola’s extensive real-world experience of trunked radio systems to deliver a scalable communications solution that’s perfect for your business.

Connect Plus

Unify your entire enterprise with this scalable digital trunking system. Calls can be queued during busy times until an open channel is available, important users can be assigned priority status and a wireline console can be used for centralized dispatch.