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MOTOTRBO – Hospitality Application Brief

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Hospitality: Reliable Communication To Support Your Exceptional Service

In order to retain and grow customer loyalty, hospitality businesses must provide exceptional service to their guests. Reliable and clear communication among your workforce is a vital aspect of providing that excellent customer service while keeping your business operations running smoothly. And discreet communication is especially important in areas where you need to provide an enjoyable environment for your guests.

The MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital two-way radio system is ready to help you and your workforce share information to keep operations running smoothly while providing the best possible experience for your guests. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO delivers a wide range of effective twoway radio communication with better basics and enhanced features. It combines the best in two-way radio functionality with digital technology to deliver increased capacity, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communication.

Discreet Communication

In most areas of your facility, your employees need to be able to communicate with one another without disturbing your guests. Whether it is inside the restaurant or in the front lobby, your guest experience is an important aspect of your business. MOTOTRBO enables discreet communication among your employees by offering a variety of compatible and lightweight headsets – enabling your employees to get the message, not your guests

Furthermore, MOTOTRBO’s text messaging capability provides you and your employees an alternative way to communicate information to one another without disturbing the atmosphere of your business. Front desk personnel can utilize text messaging to confirm with housekeeping that a customer’s room is ready. Or they can quickly send a message to maintenance when a guest calls to report an issue, such as a broken air conditioning unit in their room.

Hands-Free Option

Hospitality employees require communication that ensures their hands are free to focus on the job at hand. Whether it is maintenance personnel completing a repair or housekeeping personnel preparing rooms, your employees need to have their hands free. MOTOTRBO offers a wide variety of carry cases and belt clips so that their radios can clip on to a belt for hands-free portability. And with a complete line of audio accessories, workers can utilize a wide variety of headsets to communicate without having to hold the radio – freeing up their hands and enabling them to focus on the job at hand.

Coverage Area

Being able to communicate throughout the entire area of a resort is vital to ensure smooth operations. With digital technology, MOTOTRBO provides clearer voice communications over a greater range than comparable analog radios, while rejecting static and noise. When signal strength drops off with distance, digital errorcorrection technology, utilized by MOTOTRBO, can accurately deliver both audio and digital content with virtually no loss throughout the coverage area. This results in clearer communication with your workers no matter where they are on the resort.

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